Grease star who played ‘Frenchy’ reveals behind the scenes gossip as movie turns 40

WHEN a group of unknown young actors spent the summer of 1977 shooting a goofy high school movie, they had no idea it would become one of the biggest films of all time.

In fact, the “horny” cast of Grease, which made superstars of John Travolta and Australian sweetheart Olivia Newton-John, felt like they were away on a wild summer camp.

As the musical phenomenon prepares to celebrate its 40th anniversary with yet another cinema release, Didi Conn, who played beauty school dropout Frenchy, opens up for the first time about behind-the-scenes sex and just how close they got to doing a sequel with the original stars.

The New Yorker, now 66, told The Sun: “By staying in character all day that gave us the licence to be silly and goofy and horny and flirty, and just have a wonderful, spontaneous improv going all day long.”

“That had really terrific results because there were some relationships that started and, let’s just say, major flirting was going on. Some of the trailers were rocking. It was hot.”

That flirting even extended to the two main stars, who played T-Bird leader Danny Zuko and naive Aussie Sandy Olsson.

“The chemistry between John and Olivia was real — very, very real,” before hastily correcting herself and adding: “A romance? No, no no. Just onset.”

The late Jeff Conaway was the most prolific shagger behind the scenes, matching his bad-boy character Kenickie.

“He just oozed sexuality and he was an ever-ready bunny,” Didi said.

“He was just a very, very sexy guy.

“He and [cheerleader] Patty Simcox [actor Susan Buckner] they had a lot of rehearsing, they had fun.”

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