Fake medal MP Barry Urban to quit Parliament

Barry Urbanโ€™s medals.EMBATTLED former Labor MP Barry Urban will quit Parliament tomorrow, ahead of a report into the fake medal scandal which has engulfed his political career since late last year.

It wasrevealed in November that Mr Urban had been wearing a police service medal he wasnโ€™t entitled to โ€” and then lied about how he obtained it.

It is understood Mr Urban has now decided to โ€œput the nightmare behindโ€ him.

โ€œI am paying a hefty price for my mistakes,โ€ he will tell Parliament in a speech tomorrow.

โ€œIโ€™ve had to deal with intense media scrutiny and online harassment.

โ€œSocial media posts have been used to intimidate, humiliate and hurt me.โ€

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