First lady launches her ‘Be Best’ awareness campaign, despite she is married to the worst BULLYING man. Criticism her husband has worsened online bullying

Melania Trump smiles, standing behind a lectern with the slogan Be Best written on it, with american flags behind herIn a rare twist on their White House roles, first lady Melania Trump has commanded the Rose Garden lectern while her husband watched from the audience.

Key points:
Ms Trump will focus on childhood wellbeing, social media, bullying and opioid abuse
Modern first ladies typically highlight personal causes
The President’s press secretary hit back at claims Mr Trump’s name-calling on Twitter has worsened online bullying

Ms Trump took centre stage to launch her ‘Be Best’ public awareness campaign to help children, including discouraging cyber bullying.

Her choice of issues had earlier raised eyebrows given US President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter to attack his political opponents.

Ms Trump said the campaign would focus on childhood wellbeing, social media use and opioid abuse.

via Melania Trump launches ‘Be Best’ campaign focusing on children’s wellbeing, social media – Donald Trump’s America – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)