Disgraced ex-MP Barry Urban’s story riddled with plot holes

Darling Range MP Barry Urban walks up the stairs outside State Parliament in front of a red car.According to Barry Urban, the horrors he witnessed while investigating war crimes in the Balkans as part of a 1990s United Nations mission still have a chilling effect on him two decades later.

“When you go into a town and you see bore water on the side of a wall of limestone, it is not bore water; it is actually blood,” the now former WA MP told the state’s most powerful parliamentary committee.

“I can tell you more gory stories of fields where DNA [was] 100 metres apart, body parts, where it was just artillery fire.”

Mr Urban, elected to State Parliament in an upset result in the seat of Darling Range as part of WA Labor’s 2017 landslide, had long maintained he was seconded from England’s West Midlands Police to investigate atrocities linked to the conflict in the Balkans.

But there were serious holes in that story.

He said he served in a team of six British police officers, but could not name one of them or even say where they came from.

He was asked if he could name a commanding officer of the task force. The best he could offer was there was a “General Molineux” there.

via Disgraced ex-MP Barry Urban’s story riddled with plot holes, committee finds – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)