WA Labor’s Darling Range candidate Colleen Yates resigns

Screenshot from 2018-05-25 15-00-13.pngCOLLEEN Yates has resigned as Labor’s candidate for the seat of Darling Range, after facing questions over her academic credentials.

In a statement this afternoon, Ms Yates said it was with “deep regret” she announced her resignation.

“I joined the Labor Party just 11 months ago because I was inspired by the new McGowan Government and the sense of positive change it was bringing to Western Australia,” she said.

“I stepped down from my job as a Chief Executive Officer to run for Darling Range. I was ready to throw my heart and soul into the campaign. I was in it, to win it.

“I knew running in this by-election would bring an increased level of scrutiny on the candidates, but I wasn’t prepared for what came.”

via Labor’s Darling Range candidate Colleen Yates resigns | PerthNow