Dreamworld ride broke down twice in hours before fatal accident, inquest told

Dreamworld’s Thunder River Rapids had broken down twice on the same day a raft on the ride flipped over, killing four people, a coronial inquest on the Gold Coast has heard.Detective Sergeant Nicola Brown was the first witness called to give evidence before the inquest into the accident at the Gold Coast theme park in October 2016.She said a large pump on the Thunder River Rapids ride had failed at both 11:50am and 1:09pm without any incidents.”Engineering attended, reset the pumps and operating continued as per normal,” she said.Detective Sergeant Brown told the court two operators managed the ride and there was a stop button on the main control panel.”It’s not an emergency stop, it’s a slow stop. It takes approximately seven seconds,” she said.But she said an emergency stop button at the unload area of the ride was designed to halt the conveyor immediately.Emergency services were called to the horrific scene at 2:30pm that day after a six-person raft collided with an empty vessel and flipped backwards.Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozi Araghi were killed instantly.

Source: Dreamworld ride broke down twice in hours before fatal accident, inquest told – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)