Australia’s World Cup: Biggest TV audiences on record, amid the ongoing controversy over Optus’s huge dramas. OPTUS couldn’t do a Piss Up in the Proverbial Brewery! IMHO

THE Socceroos’ first two games at the World Cup have both become part of the top five Australian games at all tournaments, thanks to average audiences of over two million viewers for each game.

The narrow loss to France last Saturday became the third most watched Socceroos game at a World Cup, with an audience of 2.132m, while Thursday night’s draw with Denmark was close behind with an average audience of 2.064m.

PS: OPTUS My Internet at 2.6Mbps! Sooooo SLOW. And last February they said, “they were going to put us on NBN.” We are still waiting!!

In April, got sick of trying to talk to OPOUT [they have NO email!] and went to DODO.

They supplied NBN in 5 days and the speed is very good at 43.2Mbps.

Screenshot from 2018-03-14 13-45-23.pngOPTUS  ADSL2              Screenshot from 2018-06-23 09-56-09.png DODO NBN

Source: Australia’s World Cup matches pull in some of the biggest TV audiences on record | PerthNow