Researchers find fresh way to combat cancer. #Perth-based institute successfully engineered proteins that clamp tightly around the end of the single-stranded DNA in the chromosome.

SCIENTISTS at Perth’s Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research have discovered a new weapon in the fight against 90 per cent of cancers.Associate Professor Oliver Rackham, the institute’s head of the synthetic biology and drug discovery laboratory, said they had found a way to block the uncontrolled growth that occurs with most cancers.

The four-year research project developed artificial proteins that wrap around the end of chromosomes in cancer cells.The breakthrough has the potential to be effective against cancers that include bladder, liver, melanoma, thyroid, ovarian, neck, sarcoma, mesothelioma and some brain tumours.“This is a new way to attack cancer. We’re pretty excited about this discovery,” Dr Rackham said…

Source: Harry Perkins Institute researchers find fresh way to combat cancer | PerthNow