Corrupt former City of #Perth staffer jailed for nearly two years

FORMER City of Perth employee has been jailed for nearly two years after pleading guilty to corruptly helping his friend jump to the top of the list of the council’s electrical contractors – and getting more than $25,000 in return.

Brett Edward Kenny, 58, had been the facilities manager at the City of Perth, responsible for organising work to be done on Council House in the heart of the CBD, up to the value of $5000 a time.WA’s District Court was told today that Kenny, angered and disenchanted at the way the council was being run, used the position to make sure his friend Hervey Harms and his electrical firm got almost all that work between 2012 and 2014.

That work was worth just under $350,000.As the corrupt relationship strengthened between the two men, Harms paid Kenny’s $500 car registration fee, and then cleared his $24,000 credit card bill as a ‘thank you’.The court was told at the same time, Kenny approached an apprentice of Harms to offer him the chance to earn $5000 a month in contracts – if he paid Kenny a kickback of $1000.

Source: Corrupt former City of Perth staffer jailed for nearly two years | PerthNow