Star left fighting for life after spider bite in Alice Springs during a sellout Australian tour.

IRISH singer Mary Coughlan said she was left fighting for her life following a spider bite in Alice Springs. Ms Coughlan was hospitalised for five days after being bitten during a sellout Australian tour. The Tired and Emotional vocalist said she noticed a bite on the end of her finger shortly after waking up in Alice Springs.โ€œOver the next few days it turned into a rash all over my body,โ€ Ms Coughlan told the Irish Sun this week.โ€œ I went to a medical centre and they told me it was most likely caused by a bite from a non-poisonous spider.โ€

After being prescribed antihistamines, Ms Coughlan said she pushed on to finish the rest of her tour โ€“ but fell seriously ill on her return to Ireland.โ€œI thought I was dying. I was in hospital for five days with what the doctors said was blood poisoning,โ€ she said.

But Ms Coughlan said that her brush with death wasnโ€™t the worst of it. Obviously unsatisfied with its Northern Territory life, the creepy crawly had accompanied Ms Coughlan on the journey home.โ€œI got better but what freaked me out was finding a spider had followed me all the way back from Australia,โ€ she said. Ms Coughlan said she found the uninvited guest when unpacking her luggage following her return home from hospital.โ€œI had bought some Ugg boots for my granddaughter in Sydney, and carried them around with me as I played Canberra and Melbourne,โ€ she said. โ€œNow back home in Ireland, I could see a spider crawling out on to the floor.โ€œWe had no idea what sort of spider it was but my son-in-law killed it. It freaked me out that the spider that bit me could have followed me home from Australia.

Source: Star left fighting for life after spider bite | PerthNow