Turnbull on SBS; in line Paris accord people NOT switch on their heaters. Elderly to freeze to death? SWITCHING IT NOW, FULL HEAT. COLD bad for me AND thousands of Pensioners who had the ‘Heating Allowance’ CANCELED by this F*cking Government!!

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Turnbull Government is advertising on SBS in line with Paris accord people should NOT switch on their heaters in winter. Kids to develop asthmatic problems, they want the elderly to freeze to death?

Switching it on now, FULL HEAT

We use a Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner that is very economical [not the above picture].

But without that I would DIE. I am an old disabled pensioner. My disabilities run from a Stroke to Arthritis etc. The COLD is very bad for me AND thousands of Pensioners who has had the ‘Heating Allowance” CANCELED by this F*cking Government!!

Odious bastards have to go.