Green homes give glimpse of renewable hydrogen future $3.3 million pilot project in #Perth’s south

Imagine a house where all the electricity is generated by rooftop solar.Key points: Micro-grid will convert solar power into hydrogen fuel The project offers chance of recycling solar power on a large scale Grid to start producing first quarter of 2019Now imagine that, in addition, the stove, hot water and heating systems are all powered by the leftover energy.

It sounds like an emission-free pipedream, but the technology may be one step closer with the launch of a . Canadian gas giant ATCO is building a micro-grid at its Jandakot base, which will convert solar power into hydrogen fuel. The micro-grid will use 1,100 solar panels to produce electricity, which will either power ATCO’s buildings or be diverted into battery storage.

Any leftover electricity will be used to power an electrolyser, which splits oxygen from hydrogen using water and an electric charge. The oxygen is released, while the so-called “green” hydrogen is captured and stored.

The micro-grid will then store the hydrogen in two ways — using a fuel cell or injecting it into the reticulated natural gas network, to create a “greener”, lower-carbon fuel.Blended natural gas and hydrogen fuels are already used in other countries and ATCO plans to test different blends at its operations…

VIDEO + Source: Green homes give glimpse of renewable hydrogen future – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)