Thai Navy Seals share incredible cartoon that pays tribute to all involved in Tham Luang cave rescue

THE Thai Navy Seals risking their lives to save the trapped soccer team in Tham Luang cave have paid tribute to those around the world helping in the dramatic rescue bid.Courtesy of a local artist Sisedia, a cartoon shared by them on their Facebook page illustrates the huge international effort to pull the youngsters out of the flooded cave.

Australia, who has a 19-strong team of divers and doctors helping the mission, is represented by a kangaroo in the artwork labelled ‘taking the boar home’ – a reference to the soccer team’s wild boar moniker.Thirteen boars can be seen swimming through the cave surrounded by a host of other animals – each representing a nation or expert team that have joined the united effort to help them to safety.

A translated caption on the post explains what each animal represents. It reads:

White Elephant : The governor NarongsakWild

Boars : The children and coach

White horse : All heroes involved in the mission.

You are the knight in shining amour riding the white horse to help us.

Seal : Of course … Thai navy SEALs

Frog : all world-class divers

Lion : rescuers from England

Kangaroo : rescuers from Australia

Panda : rescuers from China

Crane : rescuers from Japan

Moose : rescuers from Sweden

Tiger : rescuers from Myanmar

Brown Elephant : rescuers from Laos

Dog : K9 unit Dragon : water pumping team

Eagle : rescuers from USA

Iron man : Thank you Elon Musk

Birds : media

Crow : just some bad comments/ people/ obstacle.

No-need to pay much attention. All the people involved in the delicate operation were yesterday celebrating a second day of stunning triumph after divers guided four more boys through tight passages and dank flooded caverns to safety.

Video + Source: Thai Navy Seals share incredible cartoon that pays tribute to all involved in Tham Luang cave rescue | PerthNow