UK; Moss Side shooting — ten people including children have been seriously injured after gun shots fired in Manchester street

SEVERAL people including children have been seriously injured in a shooting in Manchester after a popular street festival, as police hunt for the person behind the ‘reckless act’.

TEN people have been shot in the English city of Manchester after a Caribbean dance party, with reports two children may be among the injured.

The Sun newspaper reported a neighbour saying they believed most people had been shot in their lower legs beneath their knees.

“I heard it was just one man showing off in front of his friends. He pulled a gun out and then it’s gone off and 10 people have been shot.

“But it’s not gang related just some crazy person pulling out a gun to show off to his friends.’’

The shooting, which took place at Moss Side, in Manchester’s southern suburbs, at 2.30am Sunday local time (11.30am AEST) is not being treated as terror related.

It came at an after-party several hours after a street party, the Caribbean Carnival, and thousands of people were still in the streets.

Chaotic video apparently shot in the aftermath of the shooting and posted on Twitter by an account called UK Rap shows police trying to help a large group of people on a darkened street.

Ten people are in hospital.

Moss Side is infamous as the home turf of several violent gangs which terrorised the streets from the 1970s through until the late 2000s, as they battled each other for control of the drugs trade.

A police crackdown largely put the gangs out of business, but despite efforts by the local community and council at urban renewal, it remains an area blighted by high rates of gun crime.

Source: Moss Side shooting — ten people injured after gun shots fired in Manchester street | PerthNow