MAN is in a #Perth hospital recovering after he loses leg—  a holiday nightmare in Bali. Then faces another ordeal. More Here;

A MAN is in a Perth hospital recovering from surgery to amputate part of his leg— after a holiday nightmare in Bali.

AS he stood up on the side of a Balinese road and looked down at his mangled right leg, Ollie Dousset knew he was in a desperate fight to survive.

The 26-year-old fly-in, fly-out worker from Sydney’s northern beaches had just been run over by a cement truck as he travelled back to his holiday accommodation in Uluwatu on the back of a scooter on August 11.

“We essentially went underneath the rear axle of the truck,” Mr Dousset said. “The next minute I am on the ground and all I can think about is standing up.

“I stood up and I saw my calf muscle was on the ground next to my leg and I just kind of scooped up my leg into my hands and put it back together. I remember thinking I just have to get to hospital, I have to get to hospital right now.”

After using his shoelaces as tourniquets to stem the bleeding, Mr Dousset was offered a ride to hospital by a taxi driver.

“I just jumped in the back of the taxi and put my legs up around the headrest and grabbed my leg just to try and stop that bleeding,” he said. “I was upside down in the taxi for about 30 minutes before we got to hospital. Halfway through the taxi ride, all I wanted to do was pass out and go to sleep, but I knew if I did, I was going to die.

“I was in hospital for about 12 hours before they could operate.

“I was just lying there in pain, they obviously helped me with some pain relief, but it was just excruciating.”

Mr Dousset had surgery in Bali to pin his shattered leg back together but 10-days after the operation infection took over…

Source: Man loses leg in Bali crash and then faces another ordeal | PerthNow