Langtrees Brothel sex workers claim they ‘babysat’ #AFL Ex Star Ben Cousins, were at his beck and call. More Here;

LIVING in a brothel, having sex workers at his beck and call, working girls paid to be his “babysitters” and drivers to take him wherever he wanted to go. This was Ben Cousin’s life at Langtrees.

It was the sex and drugs lifestyle, without the rock ’n’ roll. Or, perhaps just rock bottom for a man who once had the world at his feet thanks to his footballing talents.

Mary-Anne Kenworthy.
Mary-Anne Kenworthy.Picture: Travis Anderson

A life he turned his back on as he chose ice over everything and anyone.

Correspondence received this week by The Sunday Times from workers at the brothel Langtreeshas revealed an insight into Cousins’ life in the months before he wound up back in prison facing another string of charges.

This time, it’s alleged he again stalked the mother of his children, made terrifying threats against her, breached violence restraining orders and was carrying 13g of ice internally.

Since May — coincidentally or not, around the same time his parole ended and he stopped working at his old club, West Coast — Cousins became a regular face and client at the Langtrees’ Burswood bordello after madam Mary-Anne Kenworthy invited him to stay in her apartment on the first floor of the brothel.

A Langtrees sex worker, who did not want to be named, said she had never seen Cousins at Langtrees until May, when he moved in…

Source: Langtrees sex workers claim they ‘babysat’ Ben Cousins, were at his beck and call | PerthNow