Exclusive: Dutton’s record on cabinet recusal  #auspol only once absented himself from cabinet discussions More Here;

In five years, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has only once absented himself from cabinet discussions relating to child care.

The Saturday Paper has obtained further details of Dutton’s declarations to cabinet, including some contained in advice from the secretary of the prime minister’s department, Martin Parkinson.

They show that while Dutton sometimes declared an interest, he only stepped out of a cabinet meeting once.

The details emerged as Prime Minister Scott Morrison defended the man he defeated in a leadership ballot three weeks ago and urged Australians to move on from the turmoil.

On Wednesday, Morrison said it was time to “get over it” as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten repeated the question he said Australians were asking: Why was Malcolm Turnbull replaced?

Morrison sought to pivot the question away from Turnbull’s ousting.

“We’ve been very good at the ‘what’,” Morrison told Sydney’s Radio 2GB. “I mean, a million jobs, all of the achievements we’ve had on funding, whether it’s for schools or disability schemes, all of this. We’ve been delivering as a government. But the ‘why’ – the ‘why’ – people want to know. They want to know that we believe passionately in the same things that the Australian people believe in.”

Source: Exclusive: Dutton’s record on cabinet recusal | The Saturday Paper