Magnitude 5.6 earthquake rocks southern WA town of Manjimup, about 300 kilometres south-west of #Perth More Here;

A magnitude-5.6 earthquake has hit the West Australian town of Manjimup, about 300 kilometres south-west of Perth, with tremors felt as far away as Perth and Albany.

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Twitter: BOM tweet: Felt earthquake but no #tsunami threat to Australia from mag. 5.6 #earthquake

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The earthquake happened about 1:00pm (WST).

There were no reports of damage.

The Bureau of Meteorology WA said there was no tsunami risk to Australia.

It said the quake was centred near Lake Muir and forecasters working in its West Perth headquarters felt the building sway.

Dardanup resident Jill Cross said she was watching TV when she felt her house shaking.

“I thought ‘am I having a bit of a giddy turn or something?’,” she said.

“The ceiling fans and the light fittings were all swaying. It only lasted for a second or so but enough where you felt ‘what’s going on here?’.”

Source: Magnitude-5.6 earthquake rocks southern WA – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)