Would you eat this? The real food inside Aged Care facilities in Australia #auspol More Here;

We asked people who worked in, or visited, aged care homes to send in pictures of what was fed to the residents.

“My stomach has really toughened up since working in aged care,” Nicole* told the ABC.

“I once saw a sign in the kitchen saying ‘essence of chicken’ in a big bucket … it is a disgrace. Ads showing ‘nutritionally balanced’ food are blatant lies.”

Describing a common dish known as “minced moist”, Nicole said: “It smells horrible and is truly disgusting.”

The ABC asked people involved with aged care to write about what is right and wrong about the system that looks after our most vulnerable community.

Four thousand people filled out the questionnaire and contacted the ABC. Many of them indicated they were worried about the food quantity and quality more than anything else…

Source: Would you eat this? The real food inside aged care facilities in Australia – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)