Assault probed Aged care:  Home is under the spotlight after 82-y.o woman was found severely bruised #auspol More Here;

The family of an elderly Sydney woman has released distressing photos of the injuries she received inside her nursing home as the spotlight continues to shine harshly on aged care.

The images show 82-year-old Margaret Heffernan, who suffers from dementia, with dark purple and black bruises across her face and on both of her upper arms.

Mrs Heffernan does not remember the incident, which went unwitnessed in her south-west Sydney nursing home in January.

Management at the nursing home determined Mrs Heffernan’s injuries were the result of a fall, but her family said they feared she was assaulted.

“If you look at some of the bruising it’s probably more consistent with somebody holding her,” Mrs Heffernan’s son, Darrell Heffernan, told

“How can you fall and then end up with bruises on both of your arms?

Source: Aged care: Assault probed at Sydney nursing home