Scott Morrison: ‘I Stopped These’ trophy boat, given to him by a mate. #auspol “…reconciles his Christian values & the role he plays in dooming children to offshore detention centres,”? More Here;

SCOTT Morrison has explained why he has a strange trophy of a boat in his office, after the item raised eyebrows when it was featured in a New York Times profile of the Prime Minister.

Mr Morrison was the immigration minister who enforced the controversial policy to stop asylum seeker boats reaching Australia.

The Prime Minister addressed the trophy in an interview with the Nine Network on Thursday.

“It was given to me by a mate down in the Shire who runs a sign business. He loved the fact that we did that,” Mr Morrison said.

“It has been sitting in my office, by the way, for about five years. I don’t think that there is anything terribly new about it.”

In the profile – titled “Trump finally makes a friend” – veteran US political commentator Maureen Dowd mentioned the boat trophy along with references to Biblical paraphernalia she spotted in Mr Morrison’s office.

“Morrison, who did not condemn Trump’s infamous travel ban, is never able to convincingly explain how he reconciles his Christian values and the role he plays in dooming children to offshore detention centres,” she wrote.

Source: Scott Morrison says ‘I Stopped These’ trophy boat was given to him by a mate | PerthNow