James Ricketson: Australian filmmaker pardoned for espionage More Here;

Cambodian authorities have pardoned Australian filmmaker James Ricketson, who was last month sentenced to six years in prison for espionage.

Ricketson was arrested in June last year, a day after he was reprimanded for flying a drone over a political rally without permission.

He had been making documentaries in Cambodia for more than 20 years.

It is unclear whether it was a royal pardon or one sanctioned by the Senate President Say Chhum, but earlier this month Ricketson’s son James told 730 his father would seek a royal pardon instead of appealing his conviction.

His family has confirmed the news with the ABC.

Ricketson, 69, was found guilty by a Cambodian court in late August, after allegations he had been using his documentary projects and humanitarian work to collect information that would jeopardise national security.

Source: James Ricketson: Australian filmmaker pardoned for espionage – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)