Molly Meldrum’s new bronze statue in Richmond gets thumbs up. More Here;

It’s the Molly Meldrum we all know and love, complete with the trademark cowboy hat, the cheeky grin, his pet dog Ziggy and a thumbs up.

A bronze statue of the Melbourne music legend has been unveiled in Melbourne to honour his place in the country’s entertainment culture.

Meldrum, 75, was the star of the Countdown from 1974-1987, a producer, and a champion of popular music in Australia.

He quipped he’d tried to get out of the project by telling the organisers he’d only agree to do it if he could pose with his dog.

“I could barely believe it when they came back and said it’s going to happen,” he said.

Sculptor Louis Lauman acknowledged Meldrum was “ambivalent” about the project, which was the brainchild of friend Ralph Carr and the City of Yarra.

But he said Meldrum eventually warmed to the idea.

“It’s really something much more special when someone’s still with us if you can get to know them, which I certainly did,” Lauman said.

Source: Molly Meldrum’s new bronze statue in Richmond gets thumbs up – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)