Kids risk losing eyesight as magpie swoops again at Trigg’s Clarko Reserve #Perth. More Here;

TWO young children could each lose sight in one eye after being pecked by a territorial magpie in separate attacks at Trigg’s Clarko Reserve.

Finn, 5, and Indi, 4, have had operations to repair cuts to the iris and cornea of their right eyes but they and their parents have been warned it could be six months before the extent of the damage is known.

The savage attacks within an hour of each other on Saturday morning have prompted the pair’s mothers to speak out to warn others of the dangers.

They think it is time the City of Stirling takes more serious action — such as moving nests or culling the bird suspected of the attacks — to keep children safe.

City of Stirling will apply for licence to cull magpies at Trigg park

“I love animals, so it’s difficult to say this but because of the viciousness of the attacks and the long-term consequences that the kids face, I think it’s time the rangers took more extreme action,” Finn’s mum Stacey Kelly said.

Finn, who yesterday described the bird as “naughty”, was hurt about 11.30am as he played around the trees at Clarko Reserve…

Source: Kids risk losing eyesight as magpie swoops again | PerthNow