#Perth commuter chaos as bus strike, heavy fog disrupt road traffic. More Here;

A bus strike was always going to make this morning’s commute more challenging, but heavy fog has added to the chaos as commuters battle to get to work and school.

Perth commuters have experienced significant disruption on their journeys to work and school this morning, as a bus strike and heavy fog combined to throw travel plans into disarray.

Main Roads spokeswoman Bernie Dimanlig said there had been widespread heavy congestion on major routes into the city and most people would have experienced longer journeys.

“The speed on the freeways has dropped significantly and the concentration of cars has gone right up,” she said.

Bus routes in Fremantle, Joondalup and Rockingham were affected after about 140 drivers walked off the job in a dispute with contractor Transdev centred on wages and job security.

Blue and green CAT services in the inner city were cancelled, but Transperth said all school services were running.

Source: Perth commuter chaos as bus strike, heavy fog disrupt road traffic – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)