An area larger than #Perth torched by out-of-control bushfire in WA More Here;

Emergency services are fighting fire with fire as they contain an 800,000-hectare bushfire in Australia’s north-west.

An area larger than Perth has been torched as an out-of-control bushfire burns in the country’s north-west.

Volunteer firefighters, Indigenous rangers and pastoralists are battling the fire approximately 150km south of Broome, using helicopters and strategic backburning to contain the blaze.

Kimberley Regional Duty Coordinator Ben Mueller said the fire was caused by lightning on October 11 and has since grown to burn more than 870,000 hectares.

“To put that in perspective, if you were to drive around that it would be 880 kilometres,” he said.

“Everyone has really pitched in to try to bring this under control.”

Source: An area larger than Perth torched by out-of-control bushfire in WA – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)