#Perth Bullsbrook locals The ‘forgotten victims’ who are forced to drink, cook and wash with bottled water. Toxic PFAS firefighting foam contamination

Toxic foam has poisoned the ground in Perth’s north-east and residents, left with houses that are shedding value and water that’s unsafe to drink, want the Federal Government to act.

The people of the semi-rural hamlet of West Bullsbrook, north-east of Perth, call themselves the forgotten victims of a national chemical contamination scandal.

Key points:

  • Firefighting foam used on RAAF bases found to contain toxic chemical PFAS
  • The chemical contaminates waterways as it leaches into the ground
  • Residents living near RAAF bases where it was used now want compensation

Through no fault of their own, many of them have been forced to use bottled water to drink, cook, wash dishes, water their gardens and even bathe their children for two-and-a-half years.

At least one resident has had their house sale fall through, and another has seen their property value plummet — all because their bores have been contaminated with toxic chemicals contained in firefighting foam, which leached from Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Pearce air base.

They have demanded that the Department of Defence either provides them with a safe water supply or buys their houses so they can leave the contamination zone.

They have labelled themselves the “forgotten people” of a federal parliamentary inquiry into contamination by the perfluorinated chemicals, or PFAS, on defence bases — which has held public hearings in Oakey in Queensland and Williamtown in New South Wales, but not Western Australia.

Source: Bullsbrook locals feel like ‘forgotten victims’ of toxic PFAS firefighting foam contamination – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)