Earthquake hits WA’s south, ‘moving and rumbling and shaking’ houses. 330 kilometres south of #Perth. More Here;

A magnitude-5.4 earthquake has hit the Lake Muir area of Western Australia’s south-west, about 330 kilometres south of Perth.

The quake struck just after 5:00am, with residents reporting tremors as far away as Albany and Pemberton.

Jane Beswick in Kojonup, about 150 kilometres away, said she was woken up by the earthquake.

“Well I was dead to the world,” she said.

“It was eight minutes past five because I looked at the clock as soon as I felt the tremor.”

“The wardrobe started rattling because I’ve got timber floors and the house shook.”

Frank, from Bridgetown, said it was the largest tremor he had felt since moving to the area almost 15 years ago.

“There was like a rush of wind โ€ฆ and then the house started moving and rumbling and shaking. It was very loud,” he said.

It is the second strong earthquake to hit the area in the past two months.

A magnitude-5.7 quake hit the Lake Muir area on September 16.

Source: Earthquake hits WA’s south, ‘moving and rumbling and shaking’ houses – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)