Police shoot man in Bourke St, Melbourne after car explosion. More Here;

POLICE appear to have shot a man who was attacking them in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD following a car explosion.

Witnesses say police chased a man carrying a weapon down Bourke St following a crash that saw a car burst into flames.

One witness said two officers trying to apprehend man and he produced a knife and tried to “stab them.”

“The cops were back off but he kept coming at them,” said the witness.

Two bystanders stepped in to surround the armed man, including one who used his trolley as a weapon.

The witness then picked up a rubber weight on the ground to help the officers under siege.

He said terrified bystanders were yelling “shoot him, shoot him.”

Witness Christian, who was in a nearby bookstore, said he heard a loud noise and saw police chasing a man.

“I heard a loud bang, I ran outside and saw everyone was running the other way,” he said.

“I saw a man covered in blood and also saw officers chasing someone.”

Businesses are currently shut near the incident, with police telling people to stay inside.

Neapoli Cafe in Russell Place has been closed, with staff remaining there and waiting for further instructions from police.

Source: Police shoot man in Bourke St, Melbourne after car explosion | PerthNow