#ScumBagPM, Dutton and Abbott are incredibly wrong: Immigrants Aren’t Clogging Up Your Highways 🇦🇺 #auspol More Here;

Surprise! ScoMo, Dutton and Abbott are incredibly wrong.

So it looks like Scott Morrison has decided that the next election should be fought over immigration — specifically, whether immigrants are the reason you’re stuck in a traffic jam or your train is packed on your way to work every morning.

Yes, that’s actually the argument the government is running — that we need to cut Australia’s immigration intake so that our infrastructure can catch up.

Yesterday, when Morrison flagged cutting Australia’s migrant intake by around 30,000 a year (that’s a drop of around 15 percent), he said Australians are screaming out for relief from the immigrant horde: “They are saying: enough, enough, enough. The roads are clogged, the buses and trains are full. The schools are taking no more enrolments.”

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton echoed that argument. “We want people out of cars and spending more time with their families and doing things they want,” he told radio station 2gb.

And Tony Abbott has been making the same argument for months, saying that we need to slow down immigration until infrastructure has caught up.

Source: Scott Morrison Is Wrong: Immigrants Aren’t Clogging Up Your Highways