Electric Vehicles: Long Live the Weekend – Climate Council

Prime Minister Morrison,

It seems you’ve got the wrong idea about electric vehicles.

But don’t worry, we’re here to present the facts. The Aussie weekend is not in danger, as you suggested. EVs can tow boats and caravans. They are strong, can travel long distances with a single charge and they’re also becoming increasingly affordable. Here’s a refresher on the wonderful world of EVs.

Firstly, electric vehicles are strong.

And by strong, we mean extreme heavy-lifting body builder kind of strong. In 2018, a Tesla SUV set a new Guinness World Record when it towed a 130 tonne Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner over 300 metres on a taxiway at Melbourne Airport. And as we are major sticklers for evidence here at the Climate Council, here is the video for proof:

https://youtu.be/rvk4fNxF0l4 via @YouTubeThat time we towed a plane with a Tesla


Triumph holds an epic warning for Morrison – Australia Votes – Federal Election 2019 – Politics – ABC News

A week after Australians voted, the most surprising truth to emerge is this: not much changed.

The Coalition won 78 seats; two more than it did in 2016. Labor won 67; two fewer than last time.

And yet, a visitor from space could be forgiven for thinking Australia’s electoral landscape had just undergone a visceral rearrangement.

Google’s search statistics revealed an overnight bump in inquiries about moving to New Zealand. Horrified left-wing commentators lamented that Australians were selfish or stupid. The hashtag #Quexit gained currency, advocating a split from the Australian state most vigorous in its rejection of Labor’s campaign.

In the Coalition camp, meanwhile, the change in mood couldn’t have been more pronounced from the same point three years ago.

$59 Billion to Social Welfare verses $92+ Billion in Corporate Subsidies.  Like Big Mining Co [Coal etc], Greedy Banks [voted 8 times NOT to have Royal Comm] & Murdoch [pays NO Tax]etc. 🙀 6 Billion Franking Credits Refunds is not included in this! 😱 We have a Ginormous Deficit caused by the Liberal Government giving Billions to their Wealthy Mates 😡

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